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Hem Gauge – Hemming Tricks

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Gathering Fabric

This tutorial covers the sewing term gathering which is common in apparel and craft projects. When you need to add fullness or ruffles, gathering is a perfect option to help you get there. This technique is also used in order to ease fabric pieces together. Learn the correct way to gather for an elegant and balanced look.

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Underlining can be functional but also add an extra element of contrast and interest to your garments. Watch this tutorial to learn how to sew underlining to a garment.

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Fly Zipper

Want to make your own jeans someday? Our tutorial shows you one element that's iconic for all jeans, the fly zipper. See how easy it is to create this great look.

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Pleats are best described as the process of folding the fabric on top of each other and pressing it to create a sharp fold. Commonly found on garments and home decorating projects, pleats are a great way to embellish a project and give it an extra flair. Watch our tutorial to see how easy it is to create your own pleats.

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