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Fly Zipper

Professor Pincushion Fly ZipperWhat does a zipper do if it wants to get fancy? It disguises itself in a fly. Aw, yes the fly zipper. It's an aspect that creates a professional look in jeans, slacks, shorts, and skirts. I have to admit that I never really paid that much attention to it before, but, as I was creating this tutorial, I suddenly found myself extremely fascinated by it. So much so, that I found myself studying the fly zipper in the pants I was wearing. I don't mean that I just looked at it, I mean I really studied it. The fly zipper, I finally had to admit is a really beautiful piece of work. Sure from the outside, it doesn't look like any big deal. Unzip it, though, and you really begin to wonder, how exactly did someone come up with that? It's genius really.

You're looking at your fly right now, aren't you? See, now you're fascinated with it. Well, luckily for you, we unlock the mystery surrounding the fly zipper and show you exactly how it's done and how easy it is to do yourself. And, trust me, it becomes no less fascinating once you know all the tricks.

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4 thoughts on “Fly Zipper

  1. Wendy

    Great turtori√†l! I just did one on a pair of jeans and it turned out great! Thanks, I just joined the website, can’t wait to explore everything!

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