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Hello! This is Tova from Professor Pincushion! If you’re here, chances are you’ve seen one of my weekly sewing video tutorials. Yay! That means you want to learn how to sew and, guess what, I want to be the one to teach you. So far, the Professor’s Assistant and I have created over 400 video tutorials on sewing. (Wow! Who knew there was so much to learn about sewing?!) With your help on Patreon, we can make our content even better and accomplish some fun, new goals!

So what this whole Patreon thing? Basically, as a super fan of sewing and Professor Pincushion, you pledge a monthly contribution to our campaign. With this money, we’ll be working towards our goals to either bring exciting new content to enjoy or be trying to make the learning experience even better for everyone. In return for your generous contribution, we’re offering you, our wonderful patron, some bonuses that will only be offered here. (It’s like you’re in an exclusive Professor Pincushion club and who wouldn’t like to be one of the cool kids.) So it’s basically a win-win situation! Professor Pincushion gets better and you get perks!

Interested? That’s great! Check out the different contribution tiers to see what fun perks you can get and some of our milestones we’d love to hit. Regardless, of your contribution level, we are grateful for continued support of Professor Pincushion. Together, we can continue to create amazing content so anyone can learn how to sew!

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  1. Make sure you are a Patron of Professor Pincushion at the $5 or more level.  You can become a patron HERE.
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