1. Vintage Apron

    Make a vintage inspired half apron with adorable contrasting fabric and rick rack. Adding hand embroidery gives it an extra detail and makes it more charming and unique. Make one for yourself or for a gift.
  2. Knit Sleeve Band

    Make the bottom of your knit sleeves fitted by adding a sleeve band made of ribbed knit. It's easy to add, even if you lack a pattern and we show you how it's done.
  3. Raglan Sleeve

    Learn to sew the raglan sleeve for a fun, casual look for your sweatshirts and t-shirts. The raglan sleeve gives your tops a unique look that can be in a contrast color or the same fabric as the bodice.
  4. Minky Baby Blanket

    See how easy it is to make a minky baby blanket. This soft, cuddly blanket makes for a great baby gift and can be done in an afternoon.
  5. Hairline Seam

    The hairline seam is perfect for sheers and chiffons, when you want your seam allowance to be minimal. Learn how it's done!
  6. Keyhole Cutout

    Create a fabric window in your projects by sewing a keyhole cutout. This interesting way to embellish your projects and can be added anywhere!
  7. Applique Seam

    Sew an applique seam, to make seams disappear when sewing formal wear with lace or embroidered organza.
  8. Machine Decorative Stitching

    Get the most out of your sewing machine by experimenting with your machine's decorative stitches. Learn some tips to make sure your stitches look great and how to use them in unique ways.
  9. Ribbed Neckline

    Create a professional looking t-shirt or sweatshirt by learning to sew the ribbed neckline. This demonstration will show you how to calculate the size of your neck band and how to sew it all together.
  10. Embroidery Hoop Ornament

    With a few supplies, you can create a simple embroidery hoop ornament that makes great gifts for friends and family. Keep it simple with unique fabric or make your own design with hand embroidery!
  11. Christmas Stocking

    Learn how to make your own festive Christmas stocking with our free pattern download and tutorial.
  12. Ribbon Embroidery – Leaves

    Use silk ribbon to create different types of leaves and grasses, using ribbon embroidery techniques for a unique embellishment.


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