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Petticoat Assembly

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Petticoat Assembly

Petticoat AssemblyPetticoat Assembly AloneHave you finished your pattern for the petticoat?  Great!  Let's continue on the fun and learn how to sew our petticoat that's both practical for making fuller looking circle skirts and also cute in its own right.  The petticoat can be made using your favorite woven fabric but I suggest using something light to medium weight.  It also uses crinoline for shape and support.  The crinoline is on the inside of the skirt.  If you find this fabric to be too scratchy for your tastes, cut an additional facing from your fabric and attach it to your crinoline facing by basting around the perimeter of both pieces together.  The side with the fabric would be considered the right side of the facing and be the side showing on the inside of the skirt.  I'll also show you how to add a lace trim to the bottom to make your petticoat extra special and to create a twill tape finished waistline instead of having a traditional waistband.

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