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Zipper in Knit Fabric

Knit Fabric ZipperWe love knit for its stretch and comfort but, when sewing with it, this same positive attribute can be headache inducing. When sewing seams and hems, there's always the potential for waviness and distortion, giving our garment an unprofessional appearance. Let's face it, it just looks bad. And then we want to throw a zipper in the mix? Why???? Sometimes we want a cute dress, like a bandage style dress that is best utilized with knit fabric, but because of the body hugging fit, a zipper is required. But a dress can't be cute and body hugging if the zipper looks wavy. Ugh! It can so frustrating. Luckily, you can put in a flat zipper, one that doesn't call attention to itself. It's actually not difficult when utilizing a stabilizer. You'll get a perfect zipper every time, making sewing with knit headache free.

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