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How To Sew A PleatI love pleats! They're a simple concept and yet so awesome. They can transform a skirt from basic into fun and they're also a great way to jazz up your home decorating sewing projects as well. The best thing about the pleats is that they're so easy to do.  What makes a pleat a pleat, is the fold.  So, when creating pleats, a good iron is a must.  If you then stitch on the side of the fold, essentially sewing the pleat into place, it becomes a tuck.  There are really so many variations of the pleat but we just focus on a couple of examples and ones that can be easily replicated.  Regardless of what pleat version you do, they definitely add to your project and they don't have to be limited to just a skirt.  You can do small pleats at the top of a shoulder on a shirt or maybe add them to a bag your making.  There are really many different possibilities for the amazing pleat.

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