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Hem Gauge – Hemming Tricks

Hem GaugeAdmit it. Some parts of sewing are more fun than others. Buying fabric: Fun! Hemming a garment: considerably less fun. But, unless we don't care about an unfinished hem, it's a necessary part of the process. I once had to hem a full skirt with a pleated bottom layer and it took forever because I did it the traditional way. But, luckily, I live and learn. And while I can't exactly get around folding, pinning, and pressing hems, there are a few tricks to make the process easier and faster. This tutorial gives you a couple options to try and you can see which way works best for you, one is using a basting stitch and the other the hem gauge. The techniques shown here are more for straight edges but you can also use a similar process for more curved hemlines, although, I usually recommend a rolled hem for those. Start hemming faster today!

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