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Basic Skirt Lining

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Basic Skirt With Lining

Basic Skirt With LiningWhy hello everyone!  We have a new, wonderful tutorial this week.  We're revisiting our basic skirt again.  This time we're showing you how to add a lining to that basic skirt.  It is certainly not always necessary to put a lining in your garments, but there are good reasons for doing it.  My number one reason is that while your skirt may look fantastic on the outside, one view of the inside says, "Hi, I'm homemade!"  Not that this is a bad thing.  At the very least, lining will cover all your handy work you put into a skirt.  All those seam allowances will be hidden from view and from the world.  It will definitely make your skirt look more professional, both inside and out.

Another reason to have a lining is that it may add a little body to your skirt, if the fabric you're using is more lightweight.  If you're using a sheer fabric on the outside and want another fabric underneath to show through the outer skirt, you would still follow these same steps as doing the lining.  The difference would be that in a lining, the outer skirt and lining are wrong sides together.  If you wanted an outer skirt/inner skirt style, then it goes right side of inner skirt to wrong side of outer skirt.  The idea, of course, is that if the fabric of the outer skirt is sheer, we would want to see the nice side of the inner skirt coming through.

While this Basic Skirt Lining video is an extension of our Basic Skirt Pattern and Basic Skirt Assembly tutorials, you can still use this technique for other basic skirt patterns, as long as the skirt has a classic waistband.  As with our other basic skirt tutorials, this tutorial is also for our premium members only.  For a measly $5 for a month, you can do our whole basic skirt series, plus all our other premium videos and patterns.  You can find out more information here.

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6 thoughts on “Basic Skirt Lining

  1. soandso

    HI. Good tutorial. Will it be the same with a side zippered skirt. I am making one right now and my pattern doesn’t have instructions for adding lining.

  2. ProfessorPincushion

    We don’t have this tutorial. For an existing skirt, you would want the lining and skirt to still be attached at the waistline so you would have to remove the waistband, attach them, and then reattach the waistband.

  3. pookie


    I am new to your site and absolutely love the webssite. I am a premium member. is this the video tutorial to watch for adding a lining to a existing skirt?

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