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Basic Skirt Pattern

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Skirt in the Park

Skirt in the ParkGrey Skirt Back ViewGrey Skirt Front ViewThere's something about me that you guys should know.  I'm sure some of you have already suspected as much, but sometimes you just have to admit it and get it right out in the open.  The truth is I've always been somewhat of a nerd.  I don't consider this a bad thing, because I don't think being knowledgeable in particular subject is a bad thing.  I don't feel it's necessary to advertise my inner nerd, but there's no use in denying it either.  I always did very well in my education and one subject that I felt like I did very well in was mathematics.  And it's a good thing too because, boy, is there a lot of math and brainpower that goes into sewing, a lot more than one would assume.  And you certainly get really good at working with fractions.  Fractions are friends, not foes!  (I'm going to trademark that for a bumper sticker.)

Why am I bringing up math and what does this have to do with this week's new tutorial?  Let's say you wanted to make a really cute basic skirt, but you wanted it to fit you perfectly.  Well, let's start from scratch and, when I say scratch, I mean ultimate starting from scratch, like making your own pattern pieces.  When I say pattern making, how does that make you feel?  Terrified?  Excited?  Overwhelmed?  Something that encompasses all three of those things?  Me too!   Well, I'm not necessarily terrified and yet I'm always surprised when I try on my skirt and it  not only looks like a skirt but it does fit me.  I have to say, it's a thrill and a reward when I can look at my end product and say not only did I succeed in creating it, but I made those pattern pieces as well.

Now I'm going to give you the taste of this thrill.  This week, we're releasing our basic skirt pattern tutorial.  We also have a diagram to download for you to keep track of your measurements.  It's located in the download section below the video.  If you've always wanted to try pattern making, but were kind of nervous to do so, then this is the tutorial where you can jump in and get a feel for it.  Get ready to utilize your math brain, because pattern making is basically nothing but math and measurements.  I can't be the only one who finds it fun!  In this tutorial, I used my measurements as an example, but please make sure you use your own measurements.  For example, to find out my dart's width, I use a mathematical formula based on my waist size.  For me, my dart width ends up being 1", but yours may be something different.  And in pattern making, it is so essential that you do the correct measurements for it to be the correct size.  So if you're careful in substituting my measurements for yours, then your pattern should come out perfectly.

If you created your pattern pieces and then wondering now what?  Don't fret.  Next week, we will release a tutorial showing you how to sew the basic skirt so then you can wear it all over town and start you're own cute skirt fashion line in every color.

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26 thoughts on “Basic Skirt Pattern

  1. DianaSE

    Hi- It’s the Saturday before I go back to work as a university lecturer, and I’m doing it- I’m doing the basic skirt project. This is going to a bit of challenge as, living in Sweden, I do metric. So there’s extra math involved, but that’s cool cos I’m a nerd. I would really love it if the seam allowances were available as notes somewhere, so I could do the conversions for them in a single batch, rather than pause, convert and write down one seam allowance, then forward, pause, convert and so on throughout the video. You don’t need to print out the full pattern design, as I’m sure someone would just post it to the world, but seam allowances in a notepad type doc would be really helpful. Just a suggestion! Diana

  2. ProfessorPincushion

    for an elasticized waist, check out our maxi skirt tutorial: The technique is pretty similar to the basic skirt but there are no darts. And I made my skirt out of knit and you can make this any length you want. We don’t have a tutorial for leggings yet. If you have an existing pair you like, you can use it to make a pattern, similar to what we doing in our patterns from existing clothes series. Just flip it inside out and lay it flat on paper so you can trace the shape. You would only do 1 leg, front leg and back leg. It’s not the same thing but you can see how I got the basic shape of a pair of jeans doing this:

  3. debznz

    hi there professor,
    I was wondering, with the patterns for the basic skirt and basic pants is it possible to make them as pull on with elastic waists, and made from knit fabrics?
    Also how would i go about creating a basic leggings/jeggings pattern?
    Thank you

  4. Suzana

    Hi.. do you the girl dress pattern for the peter pan flat collar video that you have here?


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