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Basic Skirt Assembly

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Skirt in the City

Skirt in the CitySilver Skirt Front View

Silver Skirt Side ViewA new week and a new tutorial!  As promised, this week we have the exciting conclusion to our cliffhanger from last week's Basic Skirt Pattern tutorial.  I know everyone was on pins and needles, wondering if the pattern pieces would ever find fabric again?  Did the pencil skirt ever realize the basic skirt was in fact its mother?  And the most pressing question, would the basic skirt ever get made?  The passion!  The drama!  The anticlimactic conclusion because the answer is obviously yes, of course.  Spoiler alert!  This week's tutorial is the Basic Skirt Assembly, so we show you all the ins and outs of making that fabulous basic skirt that comes from last week's pattern creation.  If you haven't checked out that tutorial yet, please do so before doing Basic Skirt Assembly.  (Both videos are part of our premium membership, which you can find more information here.)

This skirt has darts and a zipper in the back.  Also, the skirt is high-waisted so the top of the skirt rests at your natural waistline.  I actually really like this, because it can give your style a vintage look.   I feel like it also brings out my curves so even though it's basic, it can be very flattering.  You can also add trim to the bottom and really have fun being creative with it.  Hope you have fun making it!

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16 thoughts on “Basic Skirt Assembly

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    Because there’s ease built into the pattern, you need to make this skirt out of a woven fabric, not stretch

  2. ProfessorPincushion

    I’m so glad you got it figured out! When you finish, please post a pic of your skirt 🙂

  3. Sara2013

    Hi, Good Morning, I got it when i look at the circle skirt i can see clearly how you overlap the shorter end of the waist band . Thank you.

  4. Sara2013

    Thank you .I learn so much I am making the pleating skirt now, My dream skirt !,i finally is brave to make an attempt because i never understand the math but i really appreciate the way you make the pleats with the paper pattern.

  5. Sara2013

    Putting in the zipper is ok it the part where after i turn in the end the waist band i am not getting .The overlap end i understand too. The part that i am not getting is the shorter end of the waist band ,i would like to see the end result after you turn in the shorter end of the band, their is where i cannot see how the edge of the zipper line up with the band because the area is too dark… Thank you ….I hope you understand my question.

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