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Flat Collar Pattern

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Flat Collar Pattern

Flat Collar PatternWith every new element that's added to our bodice, the more customization you can do with designing your own look.  One easy element is adding a collar.  This lesson will show you how to draft a simple flat collar pattern.  With this demonstration you can create two different looks.  We show you how to create a simple, straight flat collar, sometimes known as an eton collar, and also how to do a curvy collar, a peter pan collar.  We do utilize our blocks created from our basic bodice front and basic bodice back so those will need to be completed before attempting this tutorial.    Once it is done, you'll be able to add a cute collar to your basic bodice, making it more unique and less basic.  If you need help sewing your collar together, also check out our tutorial flat collar assembly.

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    I have also been looking for the paper that has the dots of them but I haven’t seen them in my local store. Can you tell me the name of the products and where you got them from? Thanks :).

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