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Flat Collar Assembly

Flat Collar AssemblyIf you think one collar is like all other collars and, therefore, always sewn in the same, you would be mistaken.  In this tutorial we demonstrate one way to put in a simple flat collar.  While we demonstrate with a peter pan style collar, this could also apply to the a straight edge collar, also known as an eton collar, that was drafted in our flat collar pattern tutorial.  This technique may also work well with some of your commercial patterns that have a flat collar as well.

What makes this unique compared to our shirt collar tutorial, is that there is no collar band, instead the collar is placed flat on the neckline.  Also, we utilize facing pieces to help finish the edge, so the process is similar to putting in neckline facing.  It's quite a simple way to put in a collar but the results will look nice and professional.

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3 thoughts on “Flat Collar Assembly

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    I would baste the collar on the neckline of the main garment first and then sew the lining and main fabric together at the neckline, right sides together. So the collar is going to be sandwiched between the main and lining. I hope this helps 🙂

  2. ElizabethQ

    Thank you for the tutorial! If I were doing a full lining in the garment would I put the collar on before the lining and use the lining in the manner you used the facing?

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