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Shirt Collar

Shirt CollarMy mother used to tell me this story of when she was learning how to sew, she decided to make a shirt for her boyfriend.  She was embarrassed to say that the collar was less than ideal and could only be described as uneven and "misshapen."  The positive part of the story is that her boyfriend proudly wore the shirt anyways.  Aw, so sweet, but the moral of the story is that not all of us will get so lucky and the collar should be the cherry onto of our shirt sundae.  If you can sew a seam, then there's no reason why you can't have an amazing collar.  We demonstrate with Vogue 8927 to show you how to create and attach the traditional collar that you see mainly on buttoned down shirts.  In these types of collars, it's ideal to have nice sharp corners and we show you how to achieve this.  We also go over how to get beautiful curvy collars with McCalls 6846.  After you finish, you'll be able to proudly pop that collar and look fine doing it.

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