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Most Difficult Fabrics to Sew With – Beginner’s Beware

Tag: lace

Unique Covered Button

Learn how to use a covered button kit in order to create creative buttons using fabric, trim and embroidery. There are endless possibilities for making unique buttons for all your projects.

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Lace Hem Tape

If don't want your garments to look weighed down at the hemline, a great alternative to use is lace hem tape. This lace trim is a great way to hem lightweight fabrics while adding a pretty detail to the inside.

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Decorative Trim 101

Whether it's lace, ruffles, ribbon or fringe, sewing with decorative trim can be creative and fun. This video covers the basics on the types you'll find at your local fabric store and different ways to sew with them to make your projects unique.

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Hem Lace with Border

This tutorial shows you how to use the lacey scalloped border found on the selvage of your fabric to use as your hemline for a classic look. This method could be used on both curved and straight edges.

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