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Lace Hem Tape

Lace Hem TapeThere are lots of ways to hem a garment, but the one you use can depend on different factors like the weight of the fabric. Lightweight fabrics sometimes don't do well with a traditional double folded hem, giving the garment a heavy, weighed down appearance. A great option for these type of garments is using lace hem tape. This item comes in a variety of colors and comes prepackaged, located in the same section you would find bias tape. It looks like lace trim and adds a pretty detail to the inside of your garments. It's specifically for lightweight fabrics and can be machine stitched into place or hand sewn, depending on how visible you want your stitches to be on the right side of the garment. Lace hem tape also has some flexibility so it even works with curved hems. This tutorial will show you different ways you can use lace hem tape to help make sewing with it a breeze.

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