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Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas Tree SkirtChristmas Tree Skirt FullIf you're putting up a Christmas Tree, then you'll definitely need a tree skirt.  Tree skirts are actually very easy to make and using beautiful fabric can really make it elegant.  If you'd really like to make your own but don't even know where to start, our tutorial will get you on the right track.  I show you how to quickly create your own simple pattern that's really easy to re-size for customization.  Once you have your pattern, you can then get right into assembly.  Since it uses fabric for the top and bottom, you can make this skirt reversible so that next year it can look completely different.  I would recommend using a woven fabric that's mid weight.  I used a home decorating fabric that was at a weight similar to a denim.  I really liked the weight of the tree skirt in the end but just be careful in using too heavy of a weight of fabric.  There's two layers of fabric, plus a thin batting in between and you don't want to put your sewing machine through too much work trying to get through all of it.  If you have trouble sewing it, make sure to use a 90/10 needle and walking foot.  Also, as an option, I show you how to add ribbon for a bow closure and how to add a lace edging.  You can do this if you want to add a little more embellishment or you can keep it simple and let the fabric you choose for the tree skirt shine.

The fabric used in this video was provided by Mood Fabrics.  You can purchase the fabric from the links below.


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