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Most Difficult Fabrics to Sew With – Beginner’s Beware

Difficult FabricsIt's not uncommon for beginners to always be a little nervous about sewing at the beginning. But they may have a few successful projects and then they get cocky. There's nothing wrong with having fun experimenting and trying new things. In fact, I highly encourage this and it can be the best way to learn. Even so, I do feel like it's a good idea to be prepared with fabrics that may be tricky and difficult to sew with. I've decided to list my fabrics that I consider to be the most nightmarish ones to work with, the ones that will make you want to rip your hair out. These difficult fabrics are not impossible to work with and can produce some beautiful results. In fact, many of these we've done videos on in order to provide some tips and tricks to making them easier. The trick is to never jump in blind, to know what you're getting into, and to work your way up to them. There are still plenty of challenges beginners can face and you just want to avoid getting frustrated.

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