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Shell Hem – Sewing Machine Stitch

Tag: embellish

Embroidering on Clothes

Hand embroidery can add a fun, unique detail to your clothes and it's actually very easy to do. Grab a design and watch this video to see an overview on how to get started embroidering on your clothes. Beginner friendly!

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Rosette Chain Stitch

This loopy hand stitch is a unique embellishment to add to your designs and is called the Rosette Chain Stitch. This video shows you how to do it with some embroidery floss and a hand needle.

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Fishbone Stitch

The fishbone embroidery stitch is a perfect option when you want to add decorative leaves or feather designs to your projects for embellishment. This tutorial will show you how replicate this stitch so you'll end up with a beautiful example every time.

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Rickrack may seem a simple and straightforward trim, but there's actually a lot of creative ways to embellish with it. Our video will provide you with a few examples to inspire your next project.

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Detachable Collar

Make an easy detachable collar for adding to other shirts for an extra pop of fashion without adding extra bulk. You can make one with an existing pattern or using an existing shirt for a pattern. This is a great way to use fabric in your fabric stash.

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Feathers are a unique embellishment for high end garments and elaborate costumes. Learn how to sew them on individually or as a trim.

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