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Machine Decorative Stitching

Machine decorative StitchingMany times with sewing, we just use the basic functions of our sewing machine.  I know I mostly use the straight stitch with an occasional zigzag stitch and buttonhole sprinkled in.  If you ever look at your different stitch types, you know that a lot of sewing machines can offer so much more.  Look at all those pretty decorative stitches!  When do we get to use those?  You can use decorative stitches anytime you want an easy embellishment to your project and there's actually many ways to use them.  If you've been curious about using the decorative stitch function on your machine, then you've come to the right place.  We offer some tips to make sure your stitches look great and show you a few examples on how to use them in unique ways.  Break out of your comfort box and experience your sewing machine in a new way.

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One thought on “Machine Decorative Stitching

  1. PsychicSewerKathleen

    This was a very helpful video! I’m just wandering into the wonderful world of decorative stitching (couching especially calls to me) 🙂 and forever I wondered about how you pull the top thread through to the back (it’s always just been suggested without explaining the HOW) and now I know! Thank you for some great tips – marking the seamline, sewing a decorative stitch down a seam line, all so helpful 🙂

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