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Working With FeathersI'm always amazed at the number of ways there are to embellish a project.  Feathers is not one that always instantly comes to mind but people have been using feathers as a way of embellishing their garments for a very long time.  Since feathers are quite delicate and make garments harder to clean, you'll usually only see them in high end garments or elaborate costumes.  If you use them in your garment construction, you'll really be stepping up your game.  Feathers can be sewn on individually or can be used as a trim.  We show you how to sew on both and also how to use individual feathers to create your own trim.  Mood Fabrics provided the feather trim used in this video.  They have many feather trims to choose from.  If you love the look of feathers but want to make sure yours are cruelty-free, check out this site

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