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Fishbone Stitch

Fishbone StitchIf you're looking for more decorative stitches to do, the fishbone embroidery stitch is a great option. It's name comes from the stitch meeting in the center while the ends alternate sides and go outward, similar to a having a spine with ribbed stitches on either side. This stitch is perfect for creating leaf and feather designs. You can keep it simple and do a single leaf in one color or you can get creative. In my additional examples, I did a fishbone stitch on top of another in a different color in order to create more depth and interest to a leaf. I also changed my thread color to create a gradient effect and make my feather look realistic. You can use the basic concept of the fishbone stitch as a jumping off point to getting more creative and fit the design to your needs. When it comes to embroidery, there's no limit in what you can do and it's a lot easier than it looks.

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