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Raise a T-Shirt Neckline

Tag: neckline

French Piping

Piping can be used to finish edges for an elegant detail. Use this French seam method as a way to make those raw edges look finished so it looks beautiful on the garment's right and wrong side.

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If you're doing a neckline or a sleeveless armhole, you'll probably need to add a facing. This tutorial takes you through the basic steps of adding facings to your garments.

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Strapless Sweetheart Bodice

If you want to tackle, formal garment sewing, you'll want to see this step-by-step demonstration on sewing the strapless sweetheart bodice. There's a lot involved in sewing this elegant style, but it can be tackled by anyone for flawless results.

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Tie Collar – Pussy Bow

The tie collar, also known as the pussy bow, is a soft drapey collar that ties in a bow at the neck. It's vintage style that always comes back in fashion and you can learn how to sew this retro detail with our demonstration.

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Ribbed Neckline

Create a professional looking t-shirt or sweatshirt by learning to sew the ribbed neckline. This demonstration will show you how to calculate the size of your neck band and how to sew it all together.

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Knit Facing

Knit facings help to finish and support necklines and armholes when there are no collars or sleeves. Learn how to sew facings into your knit garments.

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