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T-Shirt Alteration – V-Neck

T-Shirt V Neckline AlterationWhen it comes to t-shirts, I do like a good v-neck. It gives the wearer a little more breathing room, plus it makes your neck appear longer. It's a good look. But not all t-shirts come in a v-neck and you're forced to buy the crew neckline. But good news, it's actually easy to alter your t-shirt neckline from crew to v-neck. You don't even have to buy any new supplies as long as you're not doing an extreme V. Using the existing neckband, we can change the neckline shape and make it look pretty nice. If you want to increase the V depth by more than 2 inches, you can still follow these same steps, but you'll have to remove the existing neckband and buy new ribbed knit to make a whole new band for your t-shirt. (Click here to see a video on putting in a neckband from scratch.) Because ribbed knit is stretchy, we can stretch it out a little to make it fit a new neckline if the alteration isn't too extreme which is what I'm doing in my example. Once you see how simple it is, you can do it to a lot of your t-shirts and give them a different style.

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