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French Piping

French PipingIt is my opinion that piping is an under utilized trim when it comes to garment sewing. Yes, it's a very simple one, but it can be very effective and elegant in its simplicity. Adding piping in between seams is easy enough, but what if you want piping on the edge, used as a way to finish the raw edge? Somehow sewing it with a traditional seam feels unappealing because of the unfinished appearance on the inside of the garment. This is especially true if you happen to be making something with fabric that is more sheer. So what can be done? You can use a method similar to the French seam that adds the trim to the edge, but also encloses all the raw edges on the inside so it looks finished. This is a great solution for necklines of sheer fabric, creating elegance while keeping it beautiful without adding a lot of bulk to weigh it down. Plus, it'll look professional and finished on the inside of the garment as well.

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