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French Seam and Mock French Seam

French Seam and Mock French SeamSometimes you get so used to doing regular seams that it's easy to forget that there really is a lot of different kind of seams that you can do.  One of these seams is the French Seam.  It's a seam that I love, because all the raw edges are enclosed so none will ever be showing.  The end result is a beautiful, clean looking seam that is both professional and elegant.  It's perfect for light weight fabrics, such as sheers, like organza and chiffon, or silky fabrics.  Your project will maintain a light, airy look.  While french seams seem complicating to pull off and do a take a little extra time to achieve, it is actually a simple seam to create and really adds to the quality of your garment.  Our tutorial will show you how you can achieve beautiful french seams for all your lightweight creations.  As a bonus, we also do a demo on the mock french seam.

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2 thoughts on “French Seam and Mock French Seam

  1. Bobbi,

    A wonderful demonstration, thank you! After watching it, I had to go and try it for myself. It was just as easy as I hoped it would be. Thanks again 🙂

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