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Raise a T-Shirt Neckline

Raise T-Shirt NecklineT-shirts are a wardrobe staple for many people, including myself. But sometimes T-shirts with a scoop or v-neck will deep a little lower than desired, leading one to constantly yank the T-shirt up or wear another garment underneath. Neither of these options are ideal. Thankfully, if you can sew, you can fix the T-shirt neckline yourself. Raising the t-shirt neckline is a lot easier than you think and our video will show you exactly how it's done. It covers not only raising the neckline but redoing the armholes. Please note: this alteration method will shorten the overall length of the t-shirt, so your t-shirt will become shorter by whatever amount you decide to raise the neckline up by. Those trouble T-shirts can become wearable again in a few easy steps.

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