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Tag: backstitch

Kangaroo Apron

Create this cute, retro inspired apron. With the use of fusible webbing, embroidery and buttons, learn to make this adorable kangaroo applique. The kangaroos pouch makes up the apron pocket. This apron is functional and fun!

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Aromatherapy Neck Pillow

A great gift to make for someone else or even for yourself. The aromatherapy neck pillow is a great comfort for sore necks and shoulder muscles. Filled with uncooked rice and dried herbs, it can be microwaved to your desired temperature while giving you the sweet scent of herbs.

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Multimedia Holder

There are so many cute multimedia pouches out there and you'll be amazed at how fun it is to make your own. It's more affordable and you can make something that's uniquely you.

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Straight Stitch

Watch this video to start practicing doing a simple stitch. Also learn the fundamentals on what your normal machine settings are and how to do a backstitch and stitch around corners

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