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Aromatherapy Neck Pillow

Aromatherapy Neck PillowWho doesn't like to relax? And what better way to relax than with our Dolphin Aromatherapy Neck Pillow.  Not only is it really cute to look at but it also serves a useful porpoise...I mean, purpose.

I find that this makes a perfect gift for busy friends and family.  You can choose to have it unscented or scented, like I did, with dried lavender or drops from essential oil.  The nice thing about this pillow is that you can put it in the freezer and make it a cold pack or microwave it, for about 30 seconds at a time, and make it a hot pack.  The scent is stronger when it warms up.

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26 thoughts on “Aromatherapy Neck Pillow

  1. the_professors_assistant

    I am not sure what you mean by that. Can you provide more detail please. Each piece has a piece name and near the edges are instructions on which edge to match to which piece. Also make sure all the pieces printed out, if not, try printing in black and white.

  2. DistractedGrandma

    I printed out the pattern and everything printed out except page 4, which is 1 D. I went back and tried to print just page 4 and still prints out blank. Can you email me just 1D to my email please. Thank you

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