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Raven Fascinator

Raven Fascinator CloseupRaven Fascinator Modeled By LadyI admit to being a little obsessed with vintage fashion.  Sure, I feel at home living in my favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but I can't help but drool over the classy way ladies used to dress.  The dresses!  The shoes!  The hats!  I just want to eat it all up like I'm at a fashion buffet.  Everything was elegant and delicate.  I love it!

When my grandmother passed away, one of the items I inherited from her collection was an old fascinator hat.  It's made of faded lavender roses, a velvet ribbon, and a veil.  I love to hold it and put it on my head.  I want to imagine what it would be like to walk around town as an elegant lady and elicit jealous stares.  This is why I'm glad that wonderful fascinators are becoming more popular again.

I created my raven fascinator and was inspired by Halloween and the fall season.  I just love the warm colors of fall and the exquisiteness of the raven.  It has grace and yet is casual.  I've definitely worn this fascinator on just a normal day and must say I felt like I walked around with a bit more elegance.  Don't want a raven?  That's ok too.  You can totally use the same concepts in our free video tutorial and pattern and create a unique look for you or a friend.

Happy Halloween!

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One thought on “Raven Fascinator

  1. margiesue

    I am always amazed at the creative projects that Professor Pincushion presents. This lovely Raven Facinator is one that welcomes the fall season in style and at the same time gives tribute to the Raven.

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