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Thanksgiving Day Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Day Tree LeavesThanksgiving Day Tree AcornsThanksgiving Day Tree Medium ShotI love Thanksgiving!  I love getting together with family.  I love that the weather is finally cooling off and I can wear my soft, warm sweaters.  I love the food.  I love that my birthday is right next door.  For me, it's my favorite time of the year and I'm always thankful when it rolls around.  I can already taste some of that delicious pumpkin pie.  I'm so glad this is a blog and you can't see me drooling right now in anticipation!
One of my family's traditions is our Thanksgiving tablecloth.  My aunt has your typical plastic tablecloth covering the dinner table, because even though we're a friendly bunch, doesn't mean we're not messy.  What makes this tablecloth special is that, every year, each member of the family writes upon it something that he or she is thankful for.  As this tradition has been going on for so many years, the first tablecloth is pretty much covered with writing and a new tablecloth has been started.  It's interesting to come back each year and read what you were thankful for in years past.  It's a little Thanksgiving time machine as you can usually remember what may have been going on in your life at that time and how it influenced what you wrote.  Sometimes your writing was serious.  Sometimes it was funny.  And sometimes it was pumpkin pie.
That tradition became the inspiration to my newest project:  The "Give Thanks" Thanksgiving Day Centerpiece.  What I'm most thankful for in this project is that I had pretty much all the supplies lying in and around my home and, in turn, it became something beautiful and sweet.  On the back of each leaf, I stitched something I was thankful for and then created little acorns that would represent members of my family.  It's not only a unique centerpiece, but can also be a great conversation starter as people wait for the turkey.  In fact, I'm bringing my supplies with me to this year's Thanksgiving get together for a fun craft day with my family and we can try a new tradition.  This video tutorial and pattern is available to all members for FREE.  What are some of your family's Thanksgiving traditions?
Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

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  1. margiesue

    And I am thankful for Professor Pincushion and Professor Pincushion Assistant for this wonderful sewing site! Thank you for teaching and inspiring all of us to get out our sewing machines and start sewing great projects!

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