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Classic Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey On Bed

Professor Pincushion Younger With Sock MonkeySock Monkey In TutuClassic Sock Monkey And FriendsMaybe I'm the only one, but I'm the type of person to gleefully shout "Sock monkey!" whenever I spy one in the store. I get really excited when I see a vintage one in an antique store. And, yes, they always looked like they were very loved. The sock monkey is a classic American toy and for very good reason. Everyone loves them.
Those adorable monkey faces with the giant, red lips have stolen hearts since they first became popular during The Depression. Not only were they an inexpensive toy, one only had to sacrifice a pair of socks, but their soft bodies made them so comforting. My mother made mine before I was born and Weazer is still with me today, his huge red smile has a place of honor sitting on my bed.

I don't know if sock monkeys ever went out of vogue but, in the last few years, their popularity has returned with a vengeance and, it's no wonder, as they're still just as cute as ever. The best part about making a sock monkey is that each one is unique and so each one has its own personality. It's fun to dress them and give your monkeys accessories, or make a sock monkey with different kinds of socks. That's how I got my ballerina sock monkey, whom I have bestowed the name Merry Margot. Using a pair of knee high socks, I created a monkey with extra long limbs and I figured what else could she be but a dancer. I then had to fashion her a sweet headband and tutu. (Click here for the easy peasy tutu tutorial.)

But even though it's fun to do crazy socks, there's something endearing about the classic sock monkey. I named mine Tomas and he's the star of this week's new video tutorial. If you have trouble finding these kinds of socks, you can find them online HERE (I bought the large size socks).

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7 thoughts on “Classic Sock Monkey

  1. Lorraine

    Thanks so much for the pattern for the sock dog! I’ve made three sock monkeys but this will be my first sock dog.

  2. ProfessorPincushion

    There are no pattern pieces for the sock monkey, we just tell you the measurement of the pieces in the tutorial. There are pattern pieces for our sock dog tutorial.

  3. Kita Chim

    Hi I’m curious where I can find the pattern pieces? The website says that there are no downloads. Thanks!

  4. Sarah

    I’m so happy to see this! I’ve always loved my sock monkey and still have him! And I love that they’ve gained so much popularity again except for one thing….the new versions I see in the stores don’t have the red butt!!! They hafta have the red but as well as lips, lol!! Is this no longer pc or something? I always thought it was part of their charm, he he! Thanks for the tutorial 😉

  5. Trina

    Yay! Another SOCK MONKEY lover. My grandmother used to make these every year for Christmas gifts. I had over 15 of them before they were tragically lost in a house fire. By that time finding the socks to make them was virtually impossible. I can’t wait to start making my own once I am a grandmother. I will, however, patiently wait for that day to come!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. margiesue

    I have always loved sock monkeys. Just seeing the cute ones you made really inspire me to create one of my own!

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