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Easy Peasy Tutu

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I have a confession to make. I'm 32. Wait, no, that wasn't my confession. Here it is. Ahem. I'm 32 and I like dressing up in tutus. I like it so much, I made my last birthday party a circus theme so that I would have an excuse to wear my tutu and a mini top hat. Maybe it was because I never had a tutu in the whole course of my life, so I never got the pleasure of wearing one along with my mom's high heel shoes. But really, who's to say you have to stop the fun dress-up and make believe once you hit eight?

The thing I like best about this tutu is not only is it quick and easy, but I can watch a movie as I'm making it. I'm really big on multitasking, especially if movie watching is involved. So once you get the elastic sewn and the tulle cut, this project is pretty relaxing. I find that the tulle netting that comes on the small rolls to be the easiest to use. You can usually find this in the bridal department of fabric and craft stores. Unfortunately, those colors are pretty limited. There's more of a selection in the tulle sold by the yard, but then you have to do more cutting to get your strips.

The other thing I really like this project is that, yes, the basic skirt is simple, but it has embellishment potential. Just by adding flowers, ribbons, sequins, you can truly make this skirt into something unique and special. It'll be perfect for any little girl or the little girl inside of you. And who cares if it's nowhere near Halloween. I can keep a secret if you can keep mine.     Work it, girl, work it!

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One thought on “Easy Peasy Tutu

  1. Pawianek

    I love this project and definitely going to make one of these for myself. Or two, and wear at the same time!
    I also admire your attitude, you seem to be having so much fun doing it, that I have as much fun watching. Keep up the good work!

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