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Monkey Apple Cozy

Monkey Apple Cozy Brown With Blue FlowerMonkey Apple Cozy Brown Blue Brown Monkey Apple Cozy Blue With Pink FlowerMonkey Apple Cozy 3 In A LineOver the past year, the Professor Pincushion team has made a lot of apple cozies.  We've made bunnies, mice, birds, even a walrus.  We've taken these cozies to every event we've participated in.  One of our most popular cozies has been the monkey cozy.  And it's no wonder, the monkey apple cozy is adorable. You just look at it and it makes you smile.  Imagine pulling out one of these little monkeys from your lunch bag.  What a treat!

It's because of its adorable popularity that we've decided to make a special tutorial dedicated to its creation.  Anyone can easily make their own monkey apple cozy with our easy to follow, step by step directions.  To make it even easier, we now sell monkey apple cozy kits in our store.  In this kit, everything is cut out and provided for you, (except fabric glue), so you can watch our tutorial and just start putting it all together, without having to do all the pesky prep work.  (You can still download the pattern pieces above though, if you choose to go ahead and do all the prep work yourself.)  The monkey apple cozy kit is perfect for those who have always want to try sewing, but are feeling intimidated by it.  It gives them a sample of sewing with a cute return, in a relatively short amount of time.  So share with your friends, kids, and family.  For young kids, I definitely recommend adult supervision and they can just use fabric glue for attaching pieces instead of sewing.

Or you can make a monkey apple cozy and give it as a gift.  They're perfect for kids, friends and teachers.  If you keep it for yourself though, I won't blame you.  I'm currently the owner of three of them.  It's also very easy to convert this cozy into other animals as well.  There's no end to the creativity.

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4 thoughts on “Monkey Apple Cozy

  1. miss_bwenda

    any suggestion, professor pincushion, to make this “manly”, i mean, i intend to gave it to male guests on an event, so, what design should i put, instead of the cute flower, to make it masculine? thank you…

  2. margiesue

    I have a confession…..I’ve been hooked on making Apple Cozies ever since the first tutorial was released from Professor Pincushion. There is something so unique and special about them. I really want to make this cute charming Monkey Apple Cozy with the lovely flower. So cute!!!

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