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Title: Basic Dress Assembly
Duration: 29m 12s
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Basic Dress Assembly

Basic Dress Assembly StandingBasic Dress Assembly Sitting
Now that you’ve completed the basic dress bodice draft and our skirt drafts, why not put them together and create a simple, yet fun dress that really has a lot of possibilities in creating different looks.  If you look at my pictures in the dress bodice, you’ll see that I paired the basic bodice with our basic skirt.  This time I paired with the flared/a-line skirt and it gives my dress a totally different look.  If you haven’t gone through our pattern drafting videos yet, you’ll definitely want t check out our series first before viewing this tutorial.

We take these patterns and show you how exactly to make a dress from beginning to end.  Once you start playing with it, you’ll be inspired with ideas on how to take your own spin on it and really make this design you’re own.  What I really like was I could either make the dress in one print or switch it up and do a contrasting bodice.  For me, I don’t even need much fabric for the bodice at all so I raided my stash for this ensemble and it worked out perfectly.  I made my bodice out of the fabric from Thai Silk Magic.  It’s so easy to work with and the color is so rich.  It really made my custom dress stand out.    


  1. Avatar of ElizabethQ


    October 10, 2014

    Are the basic blocks you provide suitable for a large array of fabrics? Can they be used for creating a dressy look (taffeta, brocade) as well as a casual look with light cottons?

  2. Avatar of ElizabethQ


    September 27, 2014

    Thanks for the information! I wouldn’t be surprised if Mary Adams were thrilled to have you do a tutorial on her patterns! Really, you are so clear and precise with your instructions that you make everything easier!

  3. Avatar of ElizabethQ


    September 27, 2014

    Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! Your instructions are always so clear. Is there a way to construct this dress with a full lining in the bodice? I dislike raw edges on the inside of my clothing. Also, is there any chance you would do a video construction of one of the patterns in Mary Adams book The Party Dress Book?
    Thanks so much!

    • Avatar of ProfessorPincushion


      September 27, 2014

      If I were you, I would cut two sets of the full bodice, one for the main and one for the lining. If you’re doing spaghetti straps, baste them into place on the main bodice. Sew main bodice to skirt as normal, even putting in the zipper. Take lining and sew it to the main bodice, right sides together, all along the top of the bodice. Turn the lining to the inside and on the zipper side and the bottom of the bodice lining, turn under the seam allowance. You can slip stitch the bodice to the zipper on the inside and then bottom of the bodice lining to the top of the skirt, making sure that the bodice/skirt seam allowance is pressed towards the bodice so it’ll all be hidden by the bodice lining once it’s sewn into place.
      I don’t know if we can do one of Mary Adams dresses. We also make sure we do patterns in cooperation with the other company as we don’t want to get in trouble.

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