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Basic Dress Bodice Pattern

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Basic Dress Bodice Traffic

Basic Dress Bodice TrafficBasic Dress Bodice WaterBasic Dress Bodice WalkwayWhen you first start with pattern making, you feel like you're making bits and pieces. Before you know it, you have the skill level to take these bits and pieces and start designing wonderful garments that are truly your own, in style and in size. This tutorial offers you another one of the puzzle pieces. This is for a very basic, but easy, bodice. This dress bodice can be paired with one of our skirt patterns (also from our pattern making series) in order to create many creative options for a simple dress.
We show you not only how to draft the bodice pieces but also how to create simple facing pieces for easy construction. There's also a demonstration on how to create a dart by manipulating the test bodice in order to make it more form fitting.
We'll also be releasing a tutorial in the very near future on basic dress assembly to show you can create a dress using this type of bodice and pairing it with a basic skirt.

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