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A-line Skirt Pattern

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A Line Skirt Pattern Standing

A Line Skirt Pattern StandingA Line Skirt Pattern SittingIn this tutorial we show you how you can take your basic skirt sloper and create a cute a-line skirt. Plus, as a bonus, we also show you how to create the flared skirt, which is similar to the a-line, but even fuller. The characteristics of the flared and a-line skirt is that it's fitted at the waist and then slopes out to a more flared hemline. It's the perfect type of skirt for a fun, flirty look and very versatile in dressing up or dressing down. We show you exactly how easy it really is in transforming the basic skirt block into creating an entirely new skirt pattern.

If you haven't done the basic skirt pattern tutorial yet, we recommend going through that tutorial first as you will definitely be using the basic skirt block in this tutorial. And as with all our pattern-making tutorials, we recommend that you test your pattern by making a muslin to test you pattern and see if there are any adjustments you'd like to make. For assembling the a-line or flared skirt, please consult our basic skirt assembly tutorial. The process is the same, the only difference being that the a-line skirt has half the number of darts and the flared skirt has no darts.

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4 thoughts on “A-line Skirt Pattern

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    hmmm….what you could do is just cut another line going up where a 2nd dart could be, ending at the same point of the original dart. So we’re just pretending there was another dart and still spreading the bottom of the skirt.

  2. Sara2013

    If i only have 1 dart how do make the flare skirt.?cause once i make the A line there will be no more dart to make the flare.

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