1. Vogue Lookbook

    Want to create high end, designer looks? Check out the Vogue lookbook. We show you how to read this book to find the pattern of your dreams.
  2. Butterick Lookbook

    Looking through the Butterick lookbook is your first step to finding your perfect pattern. We show you how to read this book and what information you can find on its pages.
  3. Kwik Sew Lookbook

    We show you what valuable information you can find in the latest Kwik Sew lookbook and how to use it to find your next pattern.
  4. McCall’s Lookbook

    If you'd love to get started on using McCall's patterns, you'll want to start with their lookbook. This book shows you all the patterns they have available for purchase and our tutorial shows you all the valuable information you'll get in going through this book. You'll be picking out a McCall's pattern in no time.
  5. Pattern Directions Overview

    Professor Pincushion will help guide you through how to read the pattern directions. Once you get the hang of it, those directions will never be able to hold you back.
  6. Marking Fabric

    Marking your fabric pieces correctly is just as important as cutting out your fabric pieces accurately. More times than not, patterns have important circles, triangles or other markings and each convey a different type of information.
  7. Pattern Layout

    Learn the correct way for laying out your pattern pieces, using your guide inside the pattern envelope.
  8. Cutting Out a Pattern

    You've bought your pattern and are eager to get started but all the pieces are a little overwhelming. How do you know which ones to cut out? Let us walk you through cutting out a pattern.
  9. Pattern Envelope Overview

    If you’re new to commercial patterns, you’ll want to watch our tutorial on how to read and understand the information you can find on a pattern envelope.
  10. How to Take Your Measurements

    When using commercial patterns, you want to make sure you get the correct size. We'll show you how to take your measurements for getting the right fit.


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