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Tag: embroidery

Embroidery Hoop Ornament

With a few supplies, you can create a simple embroidery hoop ornament that makes great gifts for friends and family. Keep it simple with unique fabric or make your own design with hand embroidery!

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Embroidered Eyelet

Learn how to create the hand embroidered eyelet. These can be used as an embellishment detail or used in place of a metal eyelet. These eyelets are both beautiful and can also be functional.

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Split Stitch

The split stitch is an embroidery stitch that's both versatile and artistic. Watch this tutorial to learn how to create this unique hand stitch.

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Thread 101

It's very important to pick out the right thread for you project and there's so many different options out there. We'll show you what those options mean.

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Feather Stitch

The feather stitch and double feather stitch is a delicate embroidery stitch, which can add a layer of complexity to any of your projects. Professor Pincushion shows you how to do the basic and then a variation of the stitch.

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French Knot

The french knot is a classic hand embroidery stitch perfect for making flowers or dots. Learn how to create this stitch with perfect results.

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