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Cast On Stitch

Cast On StitchI love discovering new types of embroidery stitches to add to my designs. It's amazing what can be done with embroidery floss and a needle in order to create so many different looks and textures. One stitch that creates a unique texture and look is the cast-on stitch. Using your fingers to "cast-on" a series of links on to the needle can create more of a 3-D look, resulting in something that looks like a petal. Because of this, this is frequently the most common way the cast-on stitch is used, allowing you to create beautiful flower designs, although, you can be creative and use it for other ways as well. Despite it's complex appearance, mastering this stitch is fairly easy and this tutorial shows you how. Once you get the hang of it, you'll want to add petals to all your embroidery designs.

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