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Smocking – Wave Stitch

Smocking Wave StitchSmocking describes the gathering of fabric, usually as a decorative element to your project. Do you know that you can do different embroidery stitches on top of smocking in order to create a cool design? It's true! There are a many different types and they're not hard to do but it does take some time to figure them out. This tutorial shows you how to do a basic wave stitch, also known as a chevron, which looks like a zig zag. Like with normal embroidery, it looks best if you use embroidery floss when stitching and is done by hand. Because of this, it can be time consuming, especially if you want a decent length of smocking but once you get the hang of the wave stitch, it's not bad and it looks so pretty. This technique could be considered old fashion, but I love it and it makes a great detail on garments or other projects. Once you get the wave stitch down, you'll be wanting to try other smocked embroidery stitches.

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