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Sock Rabbit

Sock Rabbit Sitting Sock Rabbit SideDid you know that sock animals have been around since the 1800's.  People have always been creating and upcycling socks to make something just for fun.  We've made a few sock creatures here at Professor Pincushion.  (Check out our sock monkey, sock dogsock cat, sock mouse.)  Now we have a new member to add to the bunch.  This tutorial shows you how to make the always cute sock rabbit.  I love using the typical red heel socks for my creations but you can definitely make him with other types of socks.  I just recommend using a large socks so that you can fit our pattern pieces on it.  I also use flannel for the inside of the rabbit's ear  for a fun detail.  Don't forget to add a fun pompom for his bunny tail.

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2 thoughts on “Sock Rabbit

  1. Dj

    I think I’ll be making this for my little 3 year old cousin. It will be a fun project and hey, its like a sock monkey so I’m sure she will love it.

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