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Sock Cat

Sock CatSock Cat With MouseThere's a new sock animal to love!  Introducing Oscar the Sock Cat, who's curious, sweet, and it's hard to believe that he really started off as a pair of socks.  Sock animals are classic toys for good reason.  They're adorable and, with handmade ones, you can guarantee that each one will look unique.  Creating our sock cat is easy and fun, but because there's a lot of hand sewing involved, it will require patience and time.  It's so worth the effort though and this sock cat would make a wonderful gift or you may want to keep him just for yourself.

My sock cat was created using the traditional large red heel socks (to purchase these socks, click here), but you can make it with other types of socks as well.  I find that men's socks, sizes 10-13, works best, so that you have plenty of material to work with to get all your pieces.

I did have some leftover sock material and it was the perfect amount for creating a matching Sock Mouse.  If you want to make one too, make sure you cut out your cat ear pieces in a way that conserves a big enough piece for cutting out the mouse body.  Don't forget to check out our other sock animals.  We also have tutorials for a Sock Monkey and a Sock Dog.

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6 thoughts on “Sock Cat

  1. artisanat

    Thank you so much for your good ideas concerning stuffed animals made from a pair of socks.
    Started my first sock dog yesterday, hoping it will look as good as yours.

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