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Lower a Waistline Pattern

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Low Waist Skirt

Low Waist SkirtIt's definitely true that waistlines were higher in the past than they tend to be presently.  It used to be that the waistline of a skirt came up to our actual natural waistline, but these days a lot of people feel more comfortable with the waistline being around the high hip area.  All of our skirt pattern making tutorials have been to the natural waistline so far, but, at this point, you're probably wondering how to create a skirt with a lowered waistline.  In my example, I'm using the pattern created from our A-line skirt tutorial.  Don't worry, because we're going to tackle this very issue in this tutorial.  Not only do I show you how to lower the waistline in a skirt, (you can also use this technique on the basic pants pattern), but I also show you how to create facing pieces.  With the facing pieces, the waistline is finished without adding a waistband, so it offers you an alternative look.  We also go over a quick assembly so you can learn with us and then be on your way to creating new skirts.

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