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Welcome!  I’m so glad that you’ve decided to take up sewing as a new hobby.  It’s a fun hobby, but a lot of beginners can feel overwhelmed and intimidated, so if you feel that way, it’s normal.  Just take one project at a time and you’ll be surprised at what you pick up and never be afraid to ask questions.  We’re here to help!  As far as where to get started, it depends on if you plan on doing machine or hand sewing.  For more of the complicating projects, a sewing machine is an essential tool to have and it’s not quite as expensive as one would think.  You didn’t say if you had a machine or not, but if you know someone with a machine maybe ask if you can borrow it so you can see if you like the hobby.  If you decide to purchase, you can get a good machine for under $150 usually.  (Check overstock or amazon and then you can also read users reviews.)  As I tell everyone, you do not need a fancy machine with all the bells and whistles as most sewing involves just sewing a straight seam and maybe a zigzag or buttonhole or two. Once you have a machine, just practice sewing straight lines on a scrap piece of fabric, just so you can get comfortable using the machine.  Once you start feeling confident, then you can tackle a project.  I would recommend doing our half apron tutorial as it’s very beginner friendly and then moving on from there.  If you want to get into apparel sewing, check out our tutorial on Simplicity 2147 mini dress pattern as we show you how to use a commercial pattern from beginning to end.  If you want to get into quilting, check out our tutorial on creating the block quilt.   Regardless of your project, take your time with it, don’t be too hard on yourself, and, as with any new hobby, it takes practice.  Trust me when I say, every project will get better than the one before.  Good luck and I know you can do it!  🙂