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Half Apron

Half Apron Front ViewWith aprons you have a lot of options.  There's a full apron, half apron, an apron that covers the front and back, which I think is called cobbler apron.  For this post, I focus on the half apron.  It's quick to create and you don't need that much fabric.  What I love about this apron is that it's pretty versatile.  It's lightweight with roomy pockets so I can easily move from the kitchen to the workshop to using it when I teach a class.  Sometimes the pockets are a little too convenient as I end up with all kinds of stuff stored in there.

We're offering all our members this tutorial so you can make one for yourself or for a friend.  It's as handy as a fanny pack but a great deal cooler.  The pieces dimensions are:  Pocket (cut 1) 6.25" X 17.5", Apron Main (cut 1) 11" X 18", Apron Ties (cut 2) - (if you are creating the Threefer: Kitchen Edition, use a 3" width) 3 or 4" X 45"

The half apron is part of the Threefer: Kitchen Edition.  Also check out pot holder and produce bag, each have a video tutorial and pattern.

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13 thoughts on “Half Apron

  1. jenbug8

    This video is FANTASTIC!! I have followed it several times to make half aprons for a friend that owns a cleaning business. These are perfect!!

  2. the_professors_assistant

    The apron, and produce bag have the dimensions of the pattern pieces stated on there blog pages. The pot holder has a downloadable pattern, make sure you are logged in, click the pattern, which is below the video, then print it out with no scaling, then follow along with the video.

  3. Mary

    Hi there. I was wondering if you could let me know how I would print out the pattern for the potholder/produce bag and apron.

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