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Produce Bag

Produce Bag With LimesAw, the produce bag.  Simple in design and yet so functional.  It can hold whatever you can fit inside so it's perfect for all your produce grocery needs or for storing other things like hair supplies, small toys, or craft supplies.  With this tutorial, you can quickly whip up several of them and they can be your go to bag.  We can leave the plastic and paper ones alone.  It's also extremely easy to alter this so you can make them any size.  Do a giant one for laundry!  Just because it's practical doesn't mean it can't be fun too.

We’re offering all our members this tutorial so you can make one for yourself or for a friend.  You can even make one big bag to hold all the little bags.  In our video the fabric piece dimensions are: Bag Body (cut 1) 11" X 30" Circle Stamp (cut 1 light colored fabric and cut 1 double sided fusible webbing) 3.75" Diameter

Also check out half apron and pot holder, each have a video tutorial and pattern.

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