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Block Quilt

Block Quilt CoversBlock Quilt FullBlock Quilt FoldI love a good quilt, especially when the weather turns cooler.  Quilts have to be the ultimate comfort item.  Fall just feels like the quilt season.  Not that there is a real season for quilt making, it just feels right when it's all rainy or snowy outside and you can spend the day inside.  Especially since quilt making is pretty straight forward, it can be a very relaxing hobby.

If you've never made a quilt before, but have always wanted to try it, you're definitely going to want to try our tutorial.  This quilt tutorial is for a very basic and easy block quilt.  The top quilt is simply made up of a series of different blocks cut out of different fabrics.  The finished size of each block is 8" X 8".  It's not a very large quilt so it's totally manageable as a first time quilt achievement and I say achievement because I know you can do this.  The finished size of this quilt is 40" X 54".  At this size, you won't be able to wrap yourself up in it but it makes for a nice accent blanket for your bed or a good size for a child.  It's very easy to make this quilt larger, simply by adding more rows of blocks.

If you decide after this, that you really like quilting and you want to try a more complicating quilt top, you can still follow our tutorial for putting it together.  Quiltmaking can be an art, but I strongly believe that anyone can do it and the more you practice it, the better your quilts will become.

The sock monkey in these pictures was created in our Classic Sock Monkey tutorial.  You may need one to go with your new quilt. 🙂  

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9 thoughts on “Block Quilt

  1. pam aldridge

    This is a great video! Very professional, smoothly done. You are not wordy and you are very understandable!! I enjoyed it very much!! Pam

  2. rjward80

    Great video, easy to understand and encouraged me to give it a try. I love how my quilt turned out and I’m already getting started on a new one with a different pattern!

  3. Starla

    Just finished this as my first quilt. It turned out SSSOOO cute! I made it in black, gray and red (my son’s school colors) and it’s on his bed right now I tried to upload a picture, but it was too big.

    Overall the project went well, with only a couple of snags. I have a new machine, and it took a little getting used to. My new walking foot worked really well … when I got the machine threaded right (ugh!). My backing fabric shrank so much that it was too narrow, but I just bought more fabric and made it in two halves instead of one whole piece. Then I decided to do a machine binding, which I didn’t like. I ripped it out and did the hand sewing, which went surprisingly fast.

    Great video, great instructions, great project! I can’t wait to start on another quilt!

  4. Starla

    Oooo! I can’t wait to try this for my first quilt! Your videos are wonderful — so informative, professional, and not a lot of wasted time. Bravo!

    p.s. I will send pictures of the finished product!

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