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Simplicity Pattern 2147-Mini Dress

Mini Dress FrontMini Dress In Library

Mini Dress SideI'm so excited!  Why?  Because Simplicity Mini Dress Pattern 2147 won for the most votes!  Not that I would have complained if any of the other patterns won, they were all great, but I wasn't really looking forward to possibly modeling the toddler duck costume.  (I would have done it though, because that's the kind of person I am.)  Instead, I have a pretty new dress that I absolutely love!  Not only did mini dress B come out super cute, but, as advertised, it's great pattern for beginners.  A+ for ease and A+ for fashion.  It doesn't get any better than that.

So as promised, we broke down pattern 2147 and created an awesome video tutorial that goes over each step so you can also make this cute dress or tunic for yourself.  We hope by learning with us, you'll be more confident in doing other Simplicity patterns and before you know it, you'll be skipping (or elegantly walking) down the street and say, "oh you think this is cute?  Yeah, I made it."  I think that's the best part in sewing, trying to figure out humble ways to brag.

You can easily purchase this pattern from Simplicity or your local fabric store and still get an awesome outfit out of the deal.  So let's get to creating!

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20 thoughts on “Simplicity Pattern 2147-Mini Dress

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    Hey, you’re almost done. Sometimes this happens, even if you cut out the correct size. It’s just because maybe when you were cutting it out, there was a wrinkle or fold in the fabric that you just didn’t notice. Even my stuff doesn’t line up perfectly all the time. I suggest watching our tutorial on Fabric easing. It shows you how to correct this problem. Hope this helps.

  2. loumary

    Okay, im down to step where u pin skirt to yoke but it see that for some reason I have extra fabric in between my notches and under arms seams, for skirt. Please help I watch video twice again to see if something I did wrong but I as far a can judge I cut all patterns pieces on correct size, 18. Any inputs, thank you

  3. Lori5527

    I wanted to buy this pattern today but they were all sold out 🙁 maybe I will try a different location tomorrow so I can watch the video and make a dress! Absolutely love it.

  4. Darlene

    We saw this pattern made up at Joanne’s. Would like to win it!!!
    Plan to use to as a maternity top; seems it could be used after the baby too. Clothing is costly, and home sewn is much nicer!
    Hope to hear Thanks Darlene

  5. anne

    My daughters would love the dress! hm, wonder if they’d ask me to make it or try to make it themselves! 🙂 Anne / ennadoolf (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. dehavenfam

    I was having trouble viewing the video until I got here. Thank you! I am new to sewing and found you through and I am so excited to have this option to help me learn! Yay!

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