1. Pajama Pants Pattern

    Drafting a pair of your own pajama pants pattern is easier than you think and a staple garment for everyone.
  2. Button Placket

    You can create your own simple pattern for a button placket and learn how to sew it to a top or bodice.
  3. Dog Coat

    When it's cold outside, your favorite pooch should have a fleece coat. Draft your own pattern and learn to sew a coat that will keep your dog warm.
  4. Chair Seat Reupholster

    Reupholster a chair seat to breath new life into old furniture. Check out this tutorial that's perfect for beginners.
  5. Neoprene Tablet Sleeve

    Protect your fragile electronics, like a tablet or phone, with a custom sleeve using neoprene.
  6. Split Stitch

    The split stitch is an embroidery stitch that's both versatile and artistic. Watch this tutorial to learn how to create this unique hand stitch.
  7. Poncho Assembly

    Stay warm and fashionable with a simple poncho. Professor Pincushion shows you how to use your patterns to sew your own.
  8. Christmas Tree Skirt

    This holiday season, decorate your Christmas tree with this simple but beautiful tree skirt.
  9. Poncho Pattern

    Want to make your own simple poncho? Start here to learn how to draft your own pattern using just three body measurements.
  10. Cover Stitch – Double Needle

    Using the double needle will allow your basic sewing machine to create a professional looking cover stitch that's perfect for hemming.
  11. Bias Tape Zipper

    The bias tape zipper will give your garments a high end, couture detail that will be sure to impress anyone.


Starting in 2009, the Professor Pincushion team had a vision of creating a sewing tutorial website in which beginners could learn and master the art of sewing. Our site launched in March of 2010 and we have since produced over a hundred sewing related tutorials that cover everything from sewing basics to fun and original projects. Regardless of the subject, we always strive to create HD quality videos that takes the viewer step by step through each process so that nothing is left out and the mystery behind learning to sew is revealed to all.

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